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( E / F#m / G#m / A ) ( E / F#m / G#m / F#m )
all long the song.....

I´ve seem all good people turn their head so satisfy i´m on my way 2x

Take the streagh to stronger chords to the colors of your life
Make the white queen run so fast, she hasn´t got time to make wife
2-Cos´it´s time is time and time is your´s so time´s news is capture for the queen to use

move me on to any black square use me any time you want just remember that the gold is always for the capture everywhere yeah yeah yeah yeah 

1-Don´t surround yourself with yourself 
move on back to squares send an instant karma to me initial it with love and care ...for yourself.....

repeat 2

Repeat 1 and 2

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