Cifra da música: Show It to me - R.P.M.

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Intro: D

(D4 D)
In the passageways of this place
(G D)
The eyes are gazed by its tortured souls

Streets full of walking bones

People's tears are like a stream

Everywhere I look I can see a falen person

In a sordid gutter
In a city of fear a glow

Is telling me it's me and it is time to say
      E   C                  D
Let's go    in this promised land
children of the war
C             D4/7
Come back to me
(The Children with the guns)
So let's go, while we're still surviving

While the days still shine for me

I can't tell those images of horror 

I could never say that

It should be

Easier to me  It should be
          D7   D4/7 Em C D
Show it to me!
          Em              C             D
While the two of us are still on the streets
(D4 D) 
Then, in the sun i see

I can see a miracle It's so intense
E         C                  D
Im my dreams I've seen your face
E        C                   D
Im my dreams I've seen your face
E       C               D
In my dreams I've your face......

Im my dreams...

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