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(Tuning is -1/2)

All along the lyrics, always playing the little riff :
T  BI-----------------------------    I
A  GI------6-----4-2---2--4-------   :I
B  DI--4-4-----------4-------2-4--    I

Theres somethin shiftin in the distance
Dont know what it is
Day as dead as night, except for the feelin
thats crawlin up, inside of me as you sing your song
as you, swing along    you    it's your     your song

The devil in me
Who makes me stare at you
As you, twist up along, sing your song
And your slitherin up to me

Your so close, I just    just wanna touch
And sing your song
And you dont know
Whats goin on

But you want me come
You want me to come
You want me to come
You want me to come, along
As you sing your
Your song

And your fuckin with me
Yeah your fuckin with
Your fuckin with me
As you slither up   slither up to me
Your lips, are slippin, twistin up my insides

Sing along and justa' swingin in
Singin your song, now
I dont know what you want
But your lookin at me
And your fallin on the ground
And your twistin around
Fuckin with my.. my mind
And I dont know whats goin on

Swing your song, twistin along
As you slither up to me, and its gotta be
And I dont know what you wanna do
Lookin at me with your big dark eyes
And your rubbin your body

then play:
A  G#  F#   (six times)
E  D#  C#   (lots of times, count it yourself!)
(between, they sing 'halloween' under the end riff)

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