Cifra da música: Feedback Song For A Dying Friend - Legião Urbana

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Introdução: (G F/G)8x  C Bb G  C Bb G

  (G F/G)8x
   Soothe the young man's sweating forehead
   Touch the naked stem held hidden there
  C              Bb   G    C    Bb      G
   Safe in such dark hayseed wired nest
   D                     F
   Then his light brown eyes are quick
         C                 (Bb C)2x    G  D G
   Once touch is what he thought was grip

  (G Bb)8x
   Tis not his hands those there but mine
   And safe,my hands do seek to gain
                                          (Bb C)2x  G
   All knowledge of my master's manly rain
   The scented taste that stills my tongue 
   Is wrong that is set but not undone

         (G F/G)8x
   His fiery eyes can slash my savage skin

                                  (C Bb G)2x  D F C (Bb C)2x G
   And force all seriousness away

   He wades in close waters
   Deep sleep alters his senses
   I must obey my only rival

                                    D F A
   He will command our twin revival
        D      F     A
   The same insane sustain again
                      D                 F
   (The two of us so close to our own hearts)
   I silence and wrote
                     D      F A  D F A  D F A  D F A
   This awe of coincidence

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