Letra da Música: How Can I Gon On - Zezé Di Camargo e Luciano

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When all the salt is taken from the sea
I stand dethroned
I'm naked and I bleed
But when your finger points so savagely
Is anybody there's to believe in me
To hear my plea and take care of me?

*How can I go on
*From day to day
*Who can make me strong in every way
*Where can I be safe
*Where can I belong
*In this great big world of sadness
*How can I forget
*Those beatiful dreams that we shared
*They're lost and they're no where to be found
*How can I go on?

Sometimes I tremble in the dark
I cannot see
When the people frighten me
I try to hide myself so far from the crowd
Is anybody there to confort me
Lord...take care of me.

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