Letra da Música: Wherever You Are - Y&T

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Wherever you are, i wanna be
It's never to far, it don't matter
Just take me there


There's never a place to far
Too far for me to go
Cause i always feel at home with you

I'll cover the universe and land on every star
If i can find out where you are - it's true

Chorus: mountain high - valley low, desert heat,
Arctic cold - wherever you are, that's where i want to be
Mountain high - valley low, desert heat, arctic cold.
Wherever you are, that's where i want to be

Take me on a vision quest - and focus in on me
So you can tell me what you see in me
Please don't let me live a lie
Let me live in honesty
Cause you're the only truth that can set me free
That's why i want to go


Without you i feel like i could lose my mind
That's why i can't let go
I'll just keep on trying
Seeking you to the end of all time
Following you any place, anywhere
Cause wherever you are, i want to be there


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