Letra da Música: Monkey Got a Gun - Y&T

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Feelin down?
Take a piece and pass it round
Numb the thought and stamp it out.
Here to help if it suits me,
If it dont, let it go, i dont wanna know.
Hey now
Never felt so wonderful
Need for nothing but i want it all
I'll help myself, yeh i'll use you if i please
Coz you'll never be as good as me.

Hey now, hey now
When the lights are turned off, we'll be blinded by the light of day
Hey now, hey now
When the sycophants fall and the sheep have all run away
Hey now, hey now
When the walls are pulled down and we're finally allowed to stay
Hey now, hey now
When the power runs out, yeh it's never gonna be he same

Look at you
I wanna be and do all that you do
You're so exciting on the tv too
You're so great
But are you here to entertain
Or get paid to be in magazines?
We smile
Chained to the throne of a parasite
Our friends are enemies unless they fight
We rule the world
But the monkey's got a gun
And we're not allowed to spoil his fun.

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