Letra da Música: Fo' Sho' - Y&T

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Verse1: you may see me laughing
You may see me crying
But you won't see me give up
I'll just keep on trying
Though sometimes it get hard
Hard to see my way
But i've got you in my life
It's makes it all ok
Looks comes today
When you have treat me this way
And i thank you lord for treatting me so good
There are times when i getscared
But i'll know that you'll be there
And you'll pull me out of it fo'sho

Verse2: there are times i'm up
There are times i'm down
There are times i'm smiling
There are times i'm frown
Sometimes i've done wrong
But i still sing my song
Even when i'm weak, i know you make me strong
Ooh fo sho: fo sho
Fo sho:fo sho
Things are gonna work out fo sho
Ooh fo sho:fo sho
Fo sho;fo sho
Things are gonna work out fo sho

Verse3: i 've learned how to do with
How to do without
When to shut my mouth
When to speck out loud
I'm happy to know
I have you as my friend
Others will come and go but
You'll be there till the end
(chorus2)keep repeatting it out of the song

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