Letra da Música: Every Little Bit of My Heart - Y&T

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Girl, i always think about it 24/7
Can't get it outta my mind
I want so bad to be with you
Baby, when i dream about it, it feels like heaven
Why you gotta be so fine
I want so bad to be in you

I'm longing girl to tell you
'bout the visions in my head
You never will be lonely
Long as roses are red
Girl, you should never worry
My intentionms, they are true
The only thing that matters is you

'cause i love you
And i want you
And i can't be without
I swear there's no doubt
That i need you
I adore you
Every inch, every part
With every little bit of my heart

Baby, i can think of 'bout a million reasons
Why you gotta be with me
My lovin' flows like endlessly
Baby we can go about a zillion places
What's your fantasy
Just ask and girl, you shall receive

I want so much to tell you
Girl, you'll never hurt again
Long as london bridge keeps falling
Girl, just know i got your back
Girl, there's just no rhyme, no reason
'bout the way i feel 'bout you
The only thing that matters is you


'cause i fell in love the day, baby
You came into my life
I've never been in love before
Changing everything i think about
And i don't want nobody else to have you


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