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Ay! ay-y-ay!
A long time ago
Was a long time ago
A long time ago when people lived
If they lived today they'd either be old or dead
Living is death
Death is life after a fruit sausage cake made by gilbert beck
Being dead is boring, i should know
I'm braindead inside and i am really bored
It's no fun being stupid
My uncle jello will tell you, if you're dead you won't have any fun
Because death is the last adventure and that's a lot of fun
"hey here we are at the top of a building,
Let's jump off, hhhggggeeennnggghhh!"
Being dead is boring but getting there is half the fun
Being dead is really boring
And you'd have to be a loser to try it without a parachute
(sax solo - john)
Being dead really sucks but getting there is half the fun
Why don't you try it someday
Fill out a form, sign on the bottom line
I'll give you a million dollars if you'll go and kill yourself
And when you're dead i'll take it back
You don't need it where you're going
Being dead is really boring, isn't that right col?
"it's boring as being dead!"
That's right, when you say you're dead bored you're not kidding
Trust me
I don't know what i'm saying and i don't really care
So fuck yourself, fuck yourself, stupid little whore
Go fuck yourself up the ass
I want to see you do it again
I think i'll win a grammy for this really great song
I'll show it to my granny and she'll tell me it's all wrong
I'll win an emmy too
And i think i'll win a fat lady award from canada
And that's the end, so fuck off and die
Don't play this for your mom

The end

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