Letra da Música: Can't Control Myself - Wa Wa Nee

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Maybe your kiss is sweet enough
Maybe your skin is clear
Maybe my life is better off
Just from having you here
But baby i think of giving up whenever we're on the train
As long as my eyes are wandering it's only gonna make you frown
Somebody help me or the woman that i'm seeing
She can't understand it when i do the things i do
Somebody's got to stop me looking at other women
But baby i can't control myself, what am i gonna do
Maybe i'm stepping outta line before my cover is cool
Maybe i keep on thinking about the single life i knew
Maybe the sun don't wanna shine on someone as mean as me
Or maybe i spell relationship c.h.o.k.e.
(repeat chorus)
(repeat intro)
But baby i thought of giving up
Till a friend told me on the phone
It's cool to look at the menu
As long as you eat at home
(repeat chorus)

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