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I just want to say: Lately I smile all day

Lately I'm never down
lately I never frown.
At home or in the car
don't matter where you are

Don't wanna be alone
you just pick up the phone
Hello, fantasy hotline?
What's your credit card number?
"Your phone number?" "7 51-61 77"
What's your fantasy?
I just wanna speak to a very hot one
"We'll call you back"

Sex over the phone
You know I like it
Sex over the phone
You know I need it
Sex over the phone
Come on and give it to me baby
Sex over the phone.

This is the part I hate
why do they make you wait?
Here's where the fevers rise enough to cross my eyes.
They can be short or tall
they can be white or black.
I don't care
not at all
long as they call me back.
Hello baby it's me your fantasy
What's your name
Who cares? Just care about my body"
What do you look like
Hot I look very hot

Sex over the phone
In the morning
Sex over the phone
In the afternoon
Sex over the phone
Sometimes late in the evening
Sex over the phone.

When I want to take a ride I don't have to go outside
I don't need to dress if I'm feeling lazy
I can lie there in my bed painting pictures in my head
I just touch my princess and I go crazy
If you are feelin' hot and after all who's not
Right now I've got a cure to help your temperature
All that you need's a dime and just a little time
A pay phone on the street can help you beat the heat

Sex over the phone
It's so fulfilling
Sex over the phone
They're always willing
Sex over the phone
Don't break connection baby
Sex over the phone

It's loving that you need
satisfaction guaranteed

It won't cost that much for you to start talking
It's a very small amount on your credit card account

Come on let your fingers do the walking

Sex over the phone
you know I like it
Sex over the phone
Sex over the phone
Sex over the phone
Sex over the phone
Sex over the phone
Sex over the phone ::.

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