Letra da Música: Obsessão (inglês) - Vício Louco

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They are already five of the morning
And I didn't sleep almost anything
Only in thinking that you told me that would get
And I don't make me that punishment
your love will be so pretty
If you marry with him
I won't live in peace
I found with your fiancé
He is very new
You will have problems and it will be late too much

Still for he/she doesn't love you
He lies and you deceive
You will live for always with a man when hating you

I am a lot of patience and a lot of competent
That I motivate myself to you to wait

>> Love, that love that you sit down
It is alone an obseção
An illusion of your thought
You tell me things
For conquering my heart <<

Traveling in thought
I went by your school
They informed me that you saw with the fiancé for
But I didn't find you
That worried
To finish my anguish
I will have that you to call
I called for several numbers
Its family didn't inform me
And me suffering without love
I only have a solution
I know that he loved you
But I am that love you
Or priest gives the blessing
Or I try a better number
But he didn't love you
And you didn't answer
Even so it went for church to get married
My only hope is in my words:
I don't " want, I have new "!
Don't please despise me

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