Letra da Música: What Do You Look Forward To? - Superchunk

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I spot a phone across the lot just out of the light
In the breeze familiar icy enemy
And we drift like the little bit of dry snow
Into these stations when it blows
The corporation would like to thank you for your visit tonight
We know its late and you seek the familiar

Now my left eyes leaking control is sneaking away
And Im crashing on the phone
My left eyes leaking from what is creeping out of me
Im gonna ride this blanket home

I saw anticipation and the smile
On the face of this girl and her mother through the glare on the glass
Of the windshield as they drove away
Pale and pretty as the moon
What do you look forward to, cause it cant be today

Please forget what I said on the phone last night
We were lost we werent lost but it was late alright
And the family, a few suppliers
Would like to thank you for your visit tonight
We know its late but its cheap to keep on these lights

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