Letra da Música: The Mine Has Been Returned to Its Original Owner - Superchunk

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Years ago it was conceived
Next in line, lucky to receive
A resource that the owners found
In this case sunk to the ground

A secret son, it was not recognized
From photos though, you see it in his eyes
Held it deep must of held it tight
A general store buzzing like a hive

They shoot at the mines we dug
And they just run out
And i'm having trouble following
It was him
It was him
The sneakking bastard found us out
And he's standing here hollering,
"This is mine, this is all mined"
"And has been all along"
"I've been waiting in the nursery"
Now shooting the mines we dug
We're leaving the richest veins
Well, I'm packing (&happy?)
And I'm leaving him everything

Sometimes his work takes him away
Leaves her alone, well in a way
Cuttings and flowers piled on the steps
Hands in the dirt with no regrets
A secret son was not recognized
They dug the ditch, he's melting down the prize


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