Letra da Música: Slow - Superchunk

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-(i have this problem with first lines, don't i?)
i move slowly toward the door
it's all static
i don't need this anymore

it's slow going
it's slow

you put something in your secret place and now it's gone
this ain't the way it's supposed to happen something's going wrong
don't look at me i've been here in my place all along

my feet are made of lead
and my legs are cast in stone
this pen leaves no trail of ink
i can hardly dial the phone

there's a stiffness in everything
in my bones and in this house
i gotta find someone who knows(?)
i gotta work it out


i wasn't trying to correct you
i was only trying to protect what...
don't look at me i've been here
everything is fine

it's slow going
it's slow going

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