Letra da Música: Skip Steps 1 & 3 - Superchunk

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I see you ???
You take a slow sharp step and run it through
'Cause if the sound's as good as the action - just like a kiss
Well you hesitate and you waste
Why don't you move?

Hit the gas straight on
Run through the lights
Run through the tree
Skip steps 1 & 3

You see what you want to say
Get to the point
You're gettin' to me
Skip steps 1 & 3

Yeah you can blaze ahead and go home happy
Well it's your free time in the back of your skull
And that's fine for now, but what comes after?
You've been sucking wind so long it makes you feel full


You've been sucking wind so long...


Seed Toss

I put a stake in your spokes
And you'd better laugh at my jokes
You better memorize this face
You better stay in my good graces

Here you come on your broom
Your mood ring's turning brown
You will begin to feel it soon
You're tossing your seeds around

You better memorize this face
You better stay right in your place
I draw the lines here from now on
And the picture's already drawn

And this movie goes on too long
And this coffee's a little too strong
And I think that I'm running on;
Well I guess that I'm running . . .



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