Letra da Música: Like A Fool - Superchunk

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Like a fool

I dreamt you chased down the car
Waving a sign that made no sense
I drifted in and out
I read the sign out loud

Like a fool

I held the letter stuck
On the end
Of a stick over the pool
And you dove in after trusting me
Trusting me

Like a fool

Driveway to driveway

I still have briars in my clothes
Did i lay you down in those?
The names on the stones were all erased
And i thought it was you that i had chased

Driveway to driveway drunk
I don't remember this too well
Glad i have the scrapes to prove
Prove it was me who fell
And the names were all we knew
And the names were all erased

From stage to stage we flew
A drink in every hand
My hand on your heart had been replaced
And i thought it was you that i had chased

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