Letra da Música: Her Royal Fisticuffs - Superchunk

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Have you been caught inside the wall
With all your fingers bleeding?
Pulling roses from the garden without asking
Pissing down the etiquette book
Well I just had to take a look
You thought you'd sweet talk your way out of this one

Her royal fisticuffs
Oh man don't take her on
Just when you think you're tough
a (host?) of killer puppies and swans ?
This may be a joke
but it may be a ride you're already on

Just when it looked as if your ship would finally land
She caught you with your teeth in the heel of your hand
You thought your jokes were pretty rich
And now you're running from the switch
She's swinging through the air behind you


You have your hands over your ears but I think you really hear
You have your hands over your ears but I really think you hear
You pretend not to speak but your lips just sprung a leak

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