Letra da Música: Youth Gone Wild - Skid Row

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Woah yeah........................

Since I was born,
They couldn't hold me down
Another misfit kid,
Another burned-out town
I never played by the rules and I never really cared,
My nasty reputation takes me everywhere

Well I look n' see it's not only me
So many others have stood where I stand,
We are the young - so raise your hands

They call us problem child,
We spend our lives on trial,
We walk an endless mile - we are the Youth Gone Wild
We stand and we won't fall - we're one and one for all
The writing's on the wall - we are the Youth Gone Wild

Boss screamin' my ear 'bout who I'm s'posed to be,
"Get a three-piece Wall Street smile, and son you'll look justlike me"
I said "Hey, man, there's somethin' you oughta know, well I tellya Park Avenue leads to...Skid Row!!"

Well I look n' see it's not only me
We're standing tall, ain't never a doubt
We are the young, so shout it out

(repeat chorus)

Well lemme hear ya get wild!

(guitar solo)

(repeat chrorus)

(typical Bach-style screaming to fade)

We are the Youth Gone Wild!

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