Letra da Música: Born a Beggar - Skid Row

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As the day breaks through the doorway
And I'm still chained to this house
But you call me and I follow
And act like I'm so proud
Still reading the sidewalk
And it smells like morning news
And I don't know why I still can't Seem to pull away from you
Watch the window, time means nothing
Watch the window, 'til I see you coming
Born a beggar
Will you ever
See me more than Pavlov's hungry dog
See no colors
Live another
Day to feed on everything you are
When the day sleeps and the sunshine
No longer burns my eyes
And the sound of your footsteps
Is the only thing that lies
Between me and the feeling
That life is these four walls
That cage me completely
Just waiting on your call
I run for you and fall so hard
My secrets are buried in the yard

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