Letra da Música: Welcome Home Again - Shakra

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Just one step higher
And i reach the stars
Looks like i've made it
I've never been this far
So close to the sun now
Feel it burning on my skin
And it's harder to keep breathing
As the air is getting thin

And i looked up to the sky
Tried to spread my wings and fly
With the first few drops of rain
Heard the demons call my name

Welcome home again
There's no way out of here
Got the power in our hands
Welcome home again
To the land of pain and fear
Where the power's in our hands

Mum always used to say
There's a way out for you, son
So don't you give up
If you can't see it right now
'cause your life will go on
Keep these words deep in your mind
And you will be able one day
To kill the beast you've got inside

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