Letra da Música: A Dollar Too Much - Shakra

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Every night she's out there
Behind the traffic light
Looking like an angel
I wanna be her knight

And i feel the passion - like only lovers do
"could it be that i'm blind" i ask myself
"our time runs out so fast"

Could it be that love's waiting for me?
How much money costs your therapy?

Oh, let me kiss your body
Let me taste your sweat
Forget the world around us
We'll take the time we get

20 minutes later - back on the streets again
Feel the wet, cold rain of emptiness
Come wash my sins away

Could it be that love's waiting for me?

I stare at my reflection
In a broken pane
The loneliness around me
Holds me prisoner again

My heart beats like a bass drum or even like a snare
Could it be that her love isn't always true?
Oh baby, i get up to you

Could it be that love's waiting for me?

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