Letra da Música: Yes, Yes YÂ’all - Sérgio Mendes

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Yeah (x7)

"yes y'all, yes y'all, yes y'all (x3)
Freak y'all, freak y'all (x2)
To the beats y'all, beats y'all (x2)
And you don't stop, and you don't quit" (x2)

Verse 1: (blackthought of the roots)

"yo, black's the real, he the thoroughbred for feel
Park the whip, jump out dressed to kill
Hop the charter flight down to brazil
Ran right into will- "what up black?" (what's the deal?)
A cape with a cain, you what's in a name...
I got a little bit of change, but i'm feelin the same
Came here for a taste of the finer things
Because the girls look like different months in a magazine
Judging how fast the word go, the probably already know we hang with sergio
So, let's get a few classy girls yo,
And sip a little wine, anything but merlot
Though, live and let learn, use "protekchurn"
And twist a little something that's katherine hepburn
Fresh to death, still makin them heads turn
Still got mine, but you got to get churn

"know what i'm talkin about?
There it is... (there it is!!)"

Chorus (condensed)

Verse 2: (will.i.am of black eyed peas)

"it's the will.i.am, i'm killin them
Got flows that float just like helium (aahh)
These hoes know i'm drillin 'em
So when feminine's thrown i'm throwin them (aahh)
The billin 'em til i'm rollin in millions
Gotta flip billions into trillions
Businessly, i'm brilliant
Turn pennies into twenties like the chameleons
But never put a chinchilla on a chick,
Karma-style (?) too legit to quit
Hip-hop on and on and on and
Break mics constant til the break of dawn and
If you want to compete, come compete
Bring and mpc-16, make a big beat
We could take it back to the b-street
We could break, we could rap, do the graffitti


Chorus (condensed)

Verse 3: (chali 2na of jurassic 5)

"hey! 2na fish back to business
I hit the track like a sheer act of vengeance
Masked avengers get smacked and injured
Strapped'll get cho' back with some black suspenders
Autographs of the jurassc crew
Flippin flashes so fast like a fashion shoot
Classics, spittin acid the fastest route,
Bass'll hit yo face quicker than a passion fruit
Big cheese inflict sick disease
Make hits that'll make thick chicks strip tease
Clicks freeze when the trigger click squeeze
Makin people in the disco duck like riq jeeves
But i ain't going to war wit ch'all
And got no alcoholic beverages to pour for y'all
I'm gonna let these cats get there garbage off
While i crush y'all like mikhail gorbachev..."know what i'm talkin' bout..yeah


Chorus (condensed)

Girl: "ooooohhhh, oooooohhhh"

Chorus: (guy and girl)

Girl: "don't you stop, don't you stop
Don't you ever quit" (variations)

"la la la la la la's"

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