Letra da Música: You're Not the Only One - S.O.J.A

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I was sad and lonely as can be
When an angel appeared in front of me
And she said to me "you're not the only one"

And i said "darlin', darlin' you don't understand
My life ain't turnin' out like i had planned"
And she said to me "you're not the only one"

Well, we spend our lives in speculation, spend our time in thought
Try to estimate the value of every thing we bought
While the days keep gettin' shorter and the nights keep gettin' colder
And we're gettin' older

So let's not spend our time tryin' to make sense
Of all these things that make no, no difference
Or the consequence, " you're not the only one"

So we'll watch this world from a different point of view
With these angels watching over me and you
We keep them amused; we're not the only ones

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