Letra da Música: The Day You Came - S Club Juniors

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Alive, nothings ever felt this way
Before a special kind of love
I can't hide inside, it happens
Everytime that you are near
You know i'm burning up
& baby it don't ever stop

The music starts
It's like a symphony
(playing through my mind)
It never fades keep's calling
Night after night it cries

You got me you want me
Any which way i've fallen baby
I can't explain what's happening
It started on the day you came

And, you eyes
They tell me all that i've
Been looking for
I can't run away
No, it's my time
Disguise, i tried to play
The game so innocent
But destiny
She's got a hold of me


You want me you got me
Melting inside i'm falling baby
I can't escape what's happening
It started on the day you came

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