Letra da Música: Searching For Perfection - S Club Juniors

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This girl doesn't want Mr Maybe
So don't be wasting my time
Cos I know what I want from my boy
Just enough of your love
So you'll last me till forever

You're stealing my heart
Like a thief in the night
Yeah I know, no, no
Hold back till you know where I'm at
Cos a girl got to know for sure

Searching for perfection baby
No more time for love
rejections honey
Gotta make the right connection,
let me tell you I just want it all
Won't give up on love
Never giving in Moving on & up
As we're riding on the rhythm
Cos I'm searching for perfection,
let me tell you I just want it all

No way will I take Mr Part-time
Ain't gonna compromise
So wake up if you want what I got
Take me on & you'll find
That you'll never get no better

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