Letra da Música: Love To The Limit - S Club Juniors

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Boy it's Friday night
I'm looking for a place
to go that's right
Got one thing on my mind
I'm heading where the music
flows lets ride...

And out on the street
You can feel the heat
A good thing comin on
Just you & me gonna celebrate
A groove sensation

Gonna take this love to the limit
So baby don't you stop
Lets move it all night long
Gonna dance to the rhythm
The feeling is so right
So right

Tonight can't get enough

So turn the music up
Just let your body go
Let's roll tonight
Cos right here's where we belong
We're jammin in the key of life
So tight

And out on the floor
You can feel the beat
A good things comin on
Just you & me
Gonna celebrate
A groove sensation

Baby don't you know
You got the best of me
Ain't never gonna let you go
& I can't wait gonna celebrate tonight

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