Letra da Música: I Just Came To Dance - S Club Juniors

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I saw the DJ smile at me
But I aint living in a fantasy
And the crowd pressing down on me
The music's taking them to ecstasy

And they want love, love
love, love, love x2

I need the music they need romance
But I feel love every time I dance
The drum beat pulsing
through my veins
And the rhythms driving me insane

Cos when the music's right, it
keeps you up all night There aint
no money that this honey can't buy
And if you want to be part of this
fantasy I'll guarantee that there's
no one left but me

Dancing to the music
It's all that I know
Just give me the dance floor baby
You can take it all but leave me
dancing at the disco

I feel the bass fill the room
And now I'm dancing to my
favourite tune
Ooh and the rhythm pulling me on
He's talking to me as he
sings his sing

He sings of love, love, love,
love, love (2x)

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