Letra da Música: Coming Out Of The - S.A.44

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There is something I gotta tell you
And I really hope you understand
Cause it's not gonna change
And I don't mean to scare you

I tried not being like this
It was too hard to believe
Please, please will you take my hand
Tell me it will not have a bitter end

I don't like boys
I'd rather be with gilrs
Please don't raise your voice
I am just an inocent girl

I never intended to
Don't wanna disapoint you
Tell me looking at my face
Tell me it's gonna be ok

I don't like boys...

I have got warn you
I will really understand
If you don't want to see me again
But it ain't going to change
It doesn't matter what you do
Doesn' matter who you are
Don't try to fight this feelings
You won't get very far

I don't like boys...

I never intended to...

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