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And as the sun goes down, I cry myself to sleep
I watch the bugs crawling across my skin
Now that you're gone I can let things crumble
And though it seems that this was meant to be
It's so hard to see and all I do is stumble

The candles burn but it's still too dark
I have given up so it's not worth trying
I'll face the truth when I think I can
Try to understand what I love denying

I'm only
Falling through the cracks
I'm only
Losing my will to live
I'm only
Broken and beaten down
I'm only I'm only

I've got to go this place is poison now
Now that you are gone your ghost ignores me
I beg and plead with eternity
But this fantasy I see abhors me

The visions come during day or night
Angels, devils pray on my weak condition
And out of reach is a tiny light
That could set things right if I could change position


If only the sun could spare me this pain
I would open up the doors and let him in
And look into his eyes
Just burn away your lies
Burn them from my heart and from my soul

Chorus (x2)

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