Letra da Música: Breakdown - R22

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Speak - think - this time i take a second look
This is the sole test of life - it can take you way out of line
Work again play again watch out cuz you'll
Break down again, fall down again
Not because of how i treat you
Not the things that i will teach you
Break down again, fall down again
Keep me cool so i can find a way out of here, to live my way
Hold on to something that is wrong for me, everyday
Can't let go
In a world of thoughts and dreams from below, a planet mocks of me as it grows
Can not die - break, down, down
Take me down so far i cant get up again
This is the part i'm just making up again. thinking, wait,
Cant seem to get a grip, so far out there
I've lost the sole test of life - now my head is paralyzed, magnified
Climbing back, back to the top again - beam me up to sanity for god
You'll break down - you'll break down - break my crown

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