Letra da Música: Elsa Green - R-Three

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When i touch your face
I never know who i'm looking at
Please me and hold yourself down...
It'll kill you in the end
Like sleep
Just like sleep

And i love your face
But never know just where you're at
Leave me and knock yourself 'round
It'll kill you in the end this dream
This dream like sleep

"impossible", "bride",
"golden mystery", "prize"
I could never wait in line
Behind all your other men
Where's it going to end, this scene?
This recycled dream?
When will you love being
Whoever you really are
Elsa green?

We are
Chasing the wrong dream...

You don't have to take the blame,
You don't have to change your name,
Elsa green
We are
Chasing the wrong dream...

You don't need no cherrycoke
To make it through the day
You don't have to make your man
Feel a-ok
You don't need permission
To love you anyway

Don't trust history to tell you anything straight....

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