Letra da Música: Q Fish Dance - Q Fish

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Female - and 22 years old
long hair - very good lookin'

I'm searchin' for you -your age is till 30

just send me a letter
box 6980

I wrote her - and she gimme a call
We've made a date (for today) - in Rics American cafe.

Who'll come through the door -
with this rose in her hand ?

Will she fit my dreams -or will I hide my face ?

But I don't wanna buy the pig in a poke
I don't wanna buy the pig in a poke

perhaps she's rad !
good lookin' to me.
Breasts like the moon -And hungry like me

But what about -(If) she's as ugly as sin ?

A few weeks on - we're still together
but all she wants - is just to kiss me.

I've asked her for more -
but she always refuse me.

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