Letra da Música: Cold Confession - Pearl Jam

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He scared himself into a trance
Ducking down rivers, secretly
He floated out into the ocean
Of his worst dream, of his rough sea?
Of all the men he could trust
He was not one of them, always hurting himself
This scars and seams, the wounds are tone
Whatever time had healed, it's still too cold
A life washed away, like words in the sand
And when the high tide came, so went his brain
A troubled past, a troubled future
A troubled way leaning on a bar stool
When strobelight stop, he finally saw
Navigation towards a brand new course
But to himself the memory clear
Cold confession only, that only he could hear

He let himself scream, he let himself cry
Let himself reach the other side
There was no Christ, there was no cross
Just forgiveness, allowed himself
Accepted the past, then set it free
Oh and it ran off like an animal with ease
He holds the bruise?, he holds their star
In his pure arms, in his clear heart
He's safe now, he's back in her breast
He saw his path, and changed it, chased it, at last

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