Letra da Música: White Light - Papa Roach

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White light hovered over the patients room
As he stares deep into space, he knows he will be dying soon
He looks into the light, and realizes he really doesn't wanna die
He wants to live on, have some kids

As he lay on his patients bed, his family sitting around him
Looking at him, hoping for the best
But he cares less about them, and more about his friends
People around him who really matter, who really cared
So from that bottomless hole he climbed
Slowly, slowly outta that bottomless hole
He made some new friends and went to a rock show
Made a couple of enemies but made a few more friends,

felt a little better about himself
See thats the key, finding new friends
And feeling better about yourself,

and like my man Jerry said, "inside yourself"

I've sat down with this guy one day,

and these are his exact words ...

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