Letra da Música: Vocari Dei - Pain of Salvation

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I just want you to speak to me.

I'm still waiting for you, GOD.
I pray because this hell to be finished.
Goodbye, GOD.
Goodbye to you all.

I don't trust in any GOD.
I don't know who GOD is,
but I know what GOD should be.

Take a look here,
take a good look at what you've created!

Hi, GOD.
This is Lorenzo,
and want to ask you something:
Why life is so hard?
Why love is so cruel?
Why I can't really be me?
Not someone else
I just want to be me.

Hey, GOD, this is Jan Biel.
I just called to thank you for being with me when my life seemed to fall apart.
You carried me from my darkest hours and I'm very grateful for that.
Thank you.

Hi, GOD, it's me, from Earth.
I know you haven't returned any of my previous call, but maybe you were simply not there.
But here it goes again.
I wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of this world.
But, didn't you also give us people the mind to explore and question?
So, where are you? And where've you been when we needed you the most?

Let it speaking,
I must be drunk or far away, so I no longer believe in you anymore,
So I thought you are non-existent?
Cause I figured this out for all the harm and the griefing that you bring into this world.
Either you're a cruel entity for not changing things, or you don't exist.

Please tell me why these horrible things happen!
Why did those two towers have to fall and who could you let it happen?
Does there have to be such hatred in this world?
Why must society struggle so hard for tolerance?

I prayed every day for weeks, now why won't you answer my prayers.
Prove to me and so many others, why I should continue to pray?
I have faith to my friends and my family, isn't that enough?

Hello, hello?
Hum, shinjiteru?
Oh teru.

Please GOD,
if you exist,
help me believe that the world is real,
that I am real,
and that everything is real,
that we are more than just a coincidence.

This world is what we can give.

Speak to me.
I won't ask to save me.
I just want you to speak to me.

did I apologize to you for...
you know...
I just want to say "I'm sorry and...
thank you".
Oh, only one more thing:
Please, help me fly.

Please GOD, take me away from here,
I can't take anymore,
they're always devouring me,
I'm so lost, I'm so lost...

Naze sensou?
Naze shi?
Naze kiga?
Nani wo desuka?
Omae ha nani wo tameni iru?

Ghia su, THEE.
ti imaste?
Poso simantiki s' afto ton kosmo?
Pu pigenoume?

Listen, GOD.
I just want to say a really big thank-you on behalf of everybody.
And, thanks for getting the whole thing started and,
for getting it off the ground, but,
I think, that this time we have really screwed things up and,
I am so, so, sorry.

I need you now.
I need you.

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