Letra da Música: Indulgence - P:407

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I would offer her the world
Promised we would never part
I'd indulge her every way
And carve her name forever in my heart

But this is now so long ago,
and I can barely remember.
Her standing there in the pouring rain.
Waiting for someone to save her

3AM and I'm still awake
wandering the streets of a city with no name
somewhere in a window my reflection frowns
the face of an old man

I used to offer her the world
I promised we would never part
I did indulge her every way
Forever kept her in my heart

But years have now come between
My memories are not so clear
so long since I have seen
that face that I hold so dear.
For all the good intentions
my promise didn't hold
forever is such a long time
for people to turn cold

9AM and I'm wide awake
In a graveyard in the city with no name
in the distance a funeral march
makes its way between the graves

It seems so long that we have waited
for our forever to begin
but now they're laying you to rest here beside me
we'll never be apart again

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