Letra da Música: Power Troll - P-Troll

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I don't sleep at night, thinkin' about you
I'm like a devil in disguise
Turnin' wild, i need to see you
Your face screamin' in my dreams
I got the power, you movin'in me
Like an invader in my soul
Just feelin' like i'm growin' up
And i don't wanna go back no more

And i'm feelin' right, i'm going mad
Just like a crazy fireball
Baby Baby please help me now
I'm like a sexy machine gun

Power troll, power troll, power troll
Gonna kick your ass
Power troll, power troll, power troll
Right in your face

Now i feel good, this is the right time
I'm howling like a beast
My energy is growin'up
You have to give me what i want
This is the night, i wanna kick your ass
You, this's what i want
And now this is too late, that's i wanna eat
You're the best girl i wanna be with

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