Letra da Música: When Thugs Die - P. Diddy

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I love the way look and put your ass out i wanna fuck you but i cant even lie
about baby i dont no why u cry about when we talk about leaving this world one
day to be prosistint less pain in the game when iam in heaven drinkin peperment
snaps with Tim Horgan and Bryan Morrison then some lady name Ashley Hice sat
there singing 2 to the pac litte Angle sure has grown from the lady in the
liquar store who keeps forgiven so com home maybe in time you'll understand
only guns can save us as we pass by the band now think of all the people we new
in our passed who passed on they in heaven found peace at last piture a place
that they exist together there has to be a place better than this in heaven so
right before i pass dear god what iam askin remember this face save me a place
in heaven you but you told me your pregnat iam amazed so many blessins while we
stressin now me and you are real cool hell on them quir fools since back in
high school we was true me and you only part that seperated affilead with
ganbaners and still made it up in the jail fuck with me got to fuck with him
still dressin like grown men with rollexas in the dark smokin Newports you have
a place in my heart Savannah girl stay smart locked you up in the pin and gave
you free for ten send u letters with old friends hopin u well I know its hell
doin time in the cell you need mail when you in jail me iam doin cool I settled
down deelin and night school every once in a while remines an wonder how it
came to this I miss you girl

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