Letra da Música: Livin' Like A Hustler - P. Diddy

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This is for everybody out there livin' that life, ya know
We livin' like hustlers now-a-days, We livin' like some G's

Chorus-Peaches (Mo B. Dick):
TRU niggas livin' like some hustlers, hustlers
TRU niggas livin' like some G's (Livin' that life)
TRU niggas livin' like some hustlers, hustlers
TRU niggas livin' like some G's (Livin' that life)

I wake up and shower ??? and brush my teeth
And page my niggas, call my bitches, and card them snitches
Cause TRU niggas gon' ball, no matter what (what)
We get 'em up at the drop of a dime bro
And did a day livin' by the AK
>From the ??? overseas, TRU niggas blowin' trees'
And gettin' high, it comes with the job
I used to rob to stay alive and now I'm runnin' with the mob (TRU)
And makin' dope hits after dope hits
>From the Ice Cream Man, to the motherfuckin' Crime Fam'
Iced out from the words that I speak
A new freak every week I be puttin' to sleep
I puts it down like that
I got the game in my vein
Million dollar rings and things and still want change
Ghetto Fabulous, soldier nigga, fuck a busta
I'm a TRU nigga and I'm livin' like some hustlers


Master P:
Don't play no games
Y'all check this shit out
I started small time dope game, neighborhood coke man
>From the Calliope Projects to the neighborhood dope man
Bitches wanna see me, Niggas wanna be me
Holla at ya boy if ya really fuck with me
I'm a ghetto superstar, yeah we live raw
Believe none of what you hear
And half of what you saw
Fuck the press, I wear a bulletproof vest
And the world hate the P cause I made it out the mess
So, I'm 'a ball 'til I fall nigga
TRU won't fall nigga
Hoody Hooo is the call nigga
And if you ain't with No Limit fuck 'em all nigga
Cause real niggas ride
Playa haters die
I represent the 504 and Southside
Where they'll pay you for that scrilla
Keep your eyes on your enemies
And watch them lil' niggas

Chorus (2x)

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