Letra da Música: I Love You - P. Diddy

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I thought i would just have to say
I need to meet you i will await the day
I hear your voice so hear me out
I need to stand up and and take a shout
And say to god i will pray
That you will come back to me and stay
And stay for the reasons i love you
And you should know by now my love is true
So dont ask me these simple things
Ill give you my love and dimond rings
If you can just come over and talk to me
And no lovin if you want just walk wit me
I just want to see your pretty face
Cause your face brings everyone grace
And i wish you would never leave
But no your gone i sit and plead
To god that you will come back to me
And we can live happily
But that will never happen anytime
But i say i love you and i wish you were mine

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