Letra da Música: Child Of The Ghetto - P. Diddy

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Yo, yeah, yo
Uhh, uhh, yeah, yo
Uhh, uhh, yeah, yo
Uhh, uhh, G. Dep!

[G. Dep]
A child of the ghetto, nobody explain it to me
Livin the scripture the picture they painted for me
Rippin it runnin and gunnin and aimin for me
Yo.. (yeah, uhh, yeah)

I guess you niggaz told me right and exact
Shak, shak, right in his back
I might just crack while I'm writin this rap
From even, a tire that snap, I'm light in the sack
I tell you how I feel and that's part of the deal
I'm like, Seagal with the steel but "Harder to Kill"
It's real, big Beans up for lettin me know
Fifteen bet and you blow, better get dough
Won't be a second we won't; they lettin me go
Since pays wisen your ways, allow me to grow
Aiyyo (yo) swing yeah back to the scene
Seven-four-eight-oh, can't recall in between
Whole state pulsate, we can wrinkle the town
Park jams dark shams niggaz breakin it down
Niggaz rock the heaters, my clique rocked Adidas
Didn't know the blocks were where the spots would lead us
But hey..

A child of the ghetto, nobody explain it to me
Livin the scripture the picture they painted for me
Knew what it wasn't, it wasn't the game or the greed
Rippin it runnin and gunnin and aimin for me
A child of the ghetto, nobody explain it to me
Livin the scripture the picture they painted for me
Niggaz is gamin they ain't who they claimin to be
Niggaz that know me they told me the game it could be - CRAZY

[G. Dep]
I take you back to the scene of the stunt
Scene of that rhyme and you can think what you want
And if you.. and if you tell me you can get it from here
Got boom got boom, put shit in the air (yeah yeah yeah)
Get us some gear to get us in here
Waited years to get a premier and did it from here
Harlem - citizen where the kid is in gear, guard him
Niggaz in here, who get it in here, we are them
Take you back to the 80's around
Polo Grounds, Uptown, eight-eighty a pound
Niggaz hit the rooftop, y'all was roofin the rocks
Other niggaz shoe tops, only youth on the block
You dig me - movin in tops and movin these rocks
You get it - we movin them blocks to move in them drops
Skiddin - I guess the niggaz told me right and exact
When they said stop fightin and stack it - get the money nigga


[G. Dep]
Eighty-one I had fun, eight-two I was new
Eight-three I did me, eight-four I had grew
Eighty-five it got live, eight-six in the mix
Eighty-seven in the kicks, eighty-eight in the whips
Eighty-nine I had the grind, now I know it was flow
Ninety-one we got guns, ninety-two it was dough
Nine-three was the key, nine-four was sure
Nine-five took a dive, nine-six I was poor
Nine-seven did eleven now I'm made out the gate
Nine-nine spit rhymes two-thousand and straight..
Shit, I thought I'd give housing a break
Sit back, countin the cake, and lounge in estates, but yo

[Chorus - 2X to fade]

"So Complete"
(feat. Cheri Dennis)

[Verse 1]
I remember what you said to me, when you said it to me last night
we was talkin', and you reassured me everythings fine
When I woke up this morning to get some loving from you
I turned to one side, to my suprise, I wasn't layin' next to you (mmmm)
Why don't you get closed to me, I thought it was supposed to be
Me and you, you and me, so complete (so complete)
While you handlin' me this way, what was it?
you was talkin yesterday, yesterday, I could say,
I seemed to be so complete, so complete

Went away, you said nothing
you didn't, no kiss, no lovin'
you didn't, it's a shame,
but it brings about the weak in me,
brings about the weak in me
you didn't, spend a lifetime with me
you didn't, share things I wan'na see
you didn't, when ever your around me it's so complete

[Verse 2]
So I waited, and I wanted, 'cause I knew you would come
Hours 1, hour 2, hour, 3 hours, not at all
If I'm dreaming, wake me up
'Cause I just about had enough, I had enough
I can not see, how would you ever let this happen to me
I still belive, that it was supposed to be
Me and you, you and me, so complete
So complete, so complete
If you saying that you need to leave, then be a man about it
and step to me, step to me, tell me please
and without me it's so complete, so complete

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 3]
Won't you tell me right now what you want from me (what you want from me)
'Cause it's been too long that you've held it in baby (held it in, oh)
Thought you where the one but, you just played me (you know you played me)
Now I feel that I'm so incomplete, yeah

[Repeat Chorus (with different variations)]

[Verse 4]
Please, give me the respone I need
I want you to complete me, oh baby
Please, give me all the lovin' I need
Promise you will complete me, oh baby
Baby, what more can I say
'Cause I want you to tell me
What it is you wanna do
'Cause I want'a be with you
(be with you...)

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