Letra da Música: American Dream - P. Diddy

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[P. Diddy]
This is not America
Bad Boy baby, David Bowie, let's go

[Chorus: David Bowie]
This is not America
This is not America
This is not America
This is not America

[P. Diddy]
Land where my father died, land where my children cried
Come on, America, ain't no barriers
Free the strings, let's see how freedom rings
One nation all gettin' down for the dollars
And the heat is gettin' hotter
But a lot don't understand
Just the way some plan to break you
I done seen the whole thing go straight through
Hungry for it, I'ma make you
Pay back what's due to me
Everybody gonna see, look what they put upon me
Made me a monster, two steps beyond ya
More streets to wonder
For which it stands for cause let's get it
Cause I'ma get mine for damn sure, come on

Screens, greens car candy painted
Chicks in cream is the American dream, ain't it?
I pledge allegiance to Beamers, dark skies
Sleepless nights on the block, two for fives
Deep in the struggles but need the hustle
Weed and blow shit I make the block bubble
I'm to the point where I'm playa hatin'
Fool in the stash and I'm losin' my patience
Medieval times in the chest of the beast
Come around sniffin' I'ma mess up ya fleece
Job lookin' I'd rather be pot cookin'
It's not America, son this is Brooklyn
Home of the shiesty, home of the crook
We signed joints, ain't scared to do a took
My country tis of thee, where there's no liberty
Just misery, ya heard me


Now why can't I breathe with a gun and come free
If six dead people run this country
Now they come cause my crew'

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