Letra da Música: About That Money (P. Diddy Outro) - P. Diddy

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[P. Diddy]
Yo $hort man, I was with this trick the other night
She was like, "Hey Diddy - um, Diddy - why are you so motherfuckin fly?"
I had to tell the bitch I'm just about that paper beotch

Everything I do is a world premier
I know you're not tryin to front, girl come here
I get up early in the mornin, work late at night
So when you talk about me you better say it right
I get my pimp on, whatever I get on
Pop rock rap R&B it's a hit song
I keep it movin no matter what your age
Bitches screamin out Puff Daddy's on stage
Drinkin 'gnac, cashin checks
When I'm not makin money I'm havin sex
International, superstar
People wanna know just who you are
I'm the Lear jet ridin, mansion residin
If I throw a party you'll be dancin all night and
Let's have some fun girl, it's okay
I work hard, now it's time to play

[Chorus: singer]
If it's 'bout that money
If it's about that bullshit
If you got that paper, we can roll
No time for haters, gotta go
When it's 'bout that mo-ney
Gotta keep it comin
Niggaz hate us all day long
Cause we get our paper on and oh-nnnnn

[$hort] That's right, $hort Dawg in the house
[Diddy] Yeah
[$hort] P. Diddy in the house
[Diddy] P, yeah
[$hort] $hort Records, Bad Boy
[Diddy] Bad Boy
[$hort] Yeah, that's right

[female singer - repeat 2X]
Too $hort, Too $hort, gotta make that money
Two-thousand watts, two-thousand watts
Gotta make that money, Bad Boy, Bad Boy
Gotta cash that money; gotta make that money money
Gotta take, gotta make, gotta cash that money money

[Diddy] And we out
"Nigga this pimp shit!"

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