Letra da Música: Mindshaker Meltdown - Mother Love Bone

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That old viscious screaming within
The talk of the building with the crash about
And broken glass it slides across his skin
They both cry till exhausted and wind up in each other's arms
It's a mindshaker meltdown
It's a spreading disease
I've seen it before girl, I hope they come after me
Cause I'm a bad motherfucker, selfish and sick
You better say your prayers baby cause it's coming down quick
It's a mindshaker meltdown
It's a spreading disease
It's a mindshaker meltdown
I hope they come after me
He lost control, her voice like a fire alarm
Realize he could've hurt his love without knowing it at all
It seems he transforms when she screams her song
Possesed by a broken window and her crying for love
It's a mass jubilation, with jesters and thieves
A kind of group masturbation as they crucify me
Cause I'm a hollywood dreamboy, a pinup in their eyes
I represent mama all you despise

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