Letra da Música: Won't Go Home Without You - Maroon 5

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I asked her to stay
But she wouldn't listen
She left before I had the chance to say, oh
The words that were mend
The things that were broken
But now its far too late she's gone away

Every night you cry yourself to sleep
Thinking why does this happen to me
Why does every moment have to be so hard
Hard to believe that

It's not over tonight
Just give me one more chance to make it right
I may not make it through the night
I won't go home without you

The taste of her breath, I'll never get over
And the noises that she make keep me awake, oh
The weight of things that remain unspoken
Built up so much it crushed us everyday


Of all the things I felt I've never really showed
Perhaps the worst is that I ever let you go
Should not ever let you go oh oh oh

I won't go home without you ...

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