Letra da Música: Virus - Lagwagon

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A música Virus fez muito sucesso quando foi gravada por Lagwagon. Que tal aprender a tocar outras músicas? Veja cifras de Lagwagon e toque as músicas que mais gosta no violão ou guitarra.

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We colonize a better place
Unable to transform our fate
We follow whatever path grows
Directions no one knows
Given the choice for normalcy, you seem content in who
you've come to be
They said he re-installed his plague
Said to have re-vamped that limp vein
As if it all ends formulaic
Painless escape
We share the same virus of love and hope
And it's a fleeting beauty
You did everything you could
You were there for him through bad and good
Disappear before you follow suit
The parasites, they are still there to swallow you
Beating through an obtrude chest
Every emotive plea a stretch
No praise enough to build a life
No words to instill pride
And through your life disorder rides
I did everything I could
Mostly there for him through bad and good
I disappeared as always waiting for the born-again call
The one that signals to us all
This bender's over again
Listen for one last faint heartbeat
Holding his hand in hopes he breathes
All of those sad years have come to this
Your head lay on his sunken chest
The thought of you at his deathbed
The latest virus in my head
Unjust, unjust
Selfless you tended to our ghost
Katherine an unconditional untiring host
You were there for him when he needed you the most
I hope someone restores your heart
I hope something restores your world

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