Letra da Música: Psalm of Misery - L'Acephale

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Knot the noose of the hanged man
Melancholy gripping the throat
The night reaches out
To choke the haunted castle of memory

This psalm of misery
Tongue heavy with coffins
The black wings of the grave
Grown decrepit with rage
This psalm of misery
Our dead mouths sing
Seizing the throat
This psalm of misery

The world's eyes are blind skies
Black sun in an impenetrable night
The hard stupidity of man
Will greet the law of the knife
Night falls within us

You will bite the horrible sun
You will pay for your share of hate
Cast the lime on our open graves

Slit the throat of man.

Psalm of Misery is deeply inspired by the writings of Georges Bataille, of which forms the nucleus of this project. In particular, reference to his writings around the formation of L'Acephale in the 1930's forms the crux of this piece.

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