Letra da Música: Pickin Out Wallpaper - L J Booth

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I was twenty-three
Wild and free
Hitchhiking Scotland
Black cliffs beside the sea

One night by the firelight
Three promises I made
Just between me and the Milky Way

One, was never worry about a wristwatch
Two, was never kneel before the banker's sneer
Three doesn't matter now, 'cause if I'd kept the second
I would not be sitting here

Picking out wallpaper
Picking out wallpaper

Honey, look in my eyes
Tell me, what do you see
Is the retina torn
Is the fluid cloudy

'Cause the treble hook of pain
Is trolling in-between
The front of my eyes and the back of my brain

All night drivers at truck stop coffee counters
Still see phone poles sliding by
And after looking through those three hundred books today
We walked out beneath this printed floral sky

Picking out wallpaper
Picking out wallpaper

Back when my walls were the horizon
And my ceiling the night sky
I'd rise at the first light of morning
And hang my tent to dry

Picking out wallpaper
Picking out wallpaper

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